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Gospel Gospel Music is greatly appreciated , whether it is in the USA, where it originated or in the rest of the World, and more particularly in France. A great deal of choirs and organizations contribute on a daily basis to the promotion and development of Gospel Music.
The Paris Gospel Convention is the meeting point for everyone to whom Gospel Music matters and for everyone who matters in Gospel Music in France.
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You are - or you want to become - directly or indirectly involved in The Gospel Industry? You intend to get married soon and wish to find a group for your ceremony? Beauty and healthcare, fashion, events designing, multimedia are in close connection to the Gospel industry; becoming one of the Paris Gospel Convention exhibitors will allow you to:

  • Promote your organisation with a huge mass media impact
  • Present your products and services to tightly focused profiles and carefully targeted audiences
  • Provide you with a face to face contact with a targeted audience
  • Attend conferences and share your ideas about The Gospel
  • Attend several showcases and a concert in one day
  • Interact with other professionals and compare your business to theirs

the Paris Gospel Convention is one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an increasingly digital age, they are the only media where buyer, seller, and product physically come together.

As an exhibitor, a speaker or a showcasing artist, you'll have the great opportunity to meet those who do not know you yet but are interested in you and your work. All you need to do is to send us your online request (free of charge and without commitment on your part) by filling in the  Registration form (2010)

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